Gutter Cleaning

Damages that occur from not having your Gutter Cleaned

Fascia and Gutter damage

The fascia is the board mounted just below the roof, and it’s where gutters are connected. Clogged gutters tend to overflow on to the fascia board along with gutter hardware causing fascia board damages and premature gutter failure.

Interior damage

Once the water is within the ceiling and wall, it will cause staining. Water stains on the ceiling can easily be repainted, but repairs will be needed to prevent further damages to ceiling and walls from re occurring.

Foundation cracks

Gutter problems could affect everything in your home, including the foundation. Overflowing water from the gutter can go everywhere, but it will most likely run down all the way into the creases of your home’s foundation. The water that gets there could freeze during the winter season, which can affect the strength and integrity of the foundation. The reason why a complex network of gutters and downspouts are installed in your home is to make sure that rainwater goes to the right place. Otherwise, rainwater can saturate every piece of wood and concrete slab it comes in contact with.

It Prevents Destruction Of Landscaping

However, did you know that a clogged gutter can damage your landscaping? Unmanaged water from clogged gutters can cause soil erosion, sweep away your cherished flowers, or even destroy the plants that you chose for your landscaping.

Wash Life Gutter Cleaning
Wash Life Gutter Cleaning